Children’s Adventure Center Thanks Canine Angels

Letter from Newtown_nWe got a wonderful letter from Judith Sims at Children’s Adventure Center in Newtown, Conn. The Angels visited dozens of places where adults and children were happy to see the pups. Everyone in the pack behaved like a champ. We were touched once again by the resilience of this beautiful community.

Thanks to Liz Huusian Luzietti for helping us make the most of our time in Connecticut and opening her home to us. An natural-born organizer, Liz brought us  together with preschool children care, elementary school classes, high school classes, special needs classes, senior centers, and citizens with puppies and dogs who need training advice, among others. Liz & family took us in during our RV emergency, and drove us around to solve the issues. We thank you, Liz, for being a special giving, loving and caring person, as well as a dedicated Lizmom. Your attitude that everyone in Newtown is your family is a model for us all. The Angels cannot wait to come back!


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