Meet Chris and Zoey, Canine Angels’ new service dog team

Canine Angels Chris Zoey_1429

Our littlest Canine Angel has met her match.

Canine Angels is delighted to announce a new match: Chris and Zoey. Chris is a paralyzed veteran who required a small dog to help him with anxiety and PTSD. He bonded with Zoey, a loving 6-pound Yorkie who came from an abusive situation.

Zoey was an immediate hit with everyone who met the pack, so it was unusually hard for CA President Rick Kaplan to part with her. “I never thought I’d fall for a dog this small,” Kaplan said. “But I know Zoey will have an incredible life and purpose with Chris and his family. She’ll be a superstar.”

Training the team will be new territory for Canine Angels, since Chris has limited use of his hands. Training may take longer than it usually does, but we stay with our dogs and veterans until the they are a synchronized duet. There’s no deadline pressure. Each service dog team makes a unique journey though training. It’s our privilege to stay with them all the way.

WEb Skinner Family_1672Chris’ incredible Myrtle Beach neighborhood pitched in to help the family with expenses and future vet care. Steve Krishman, whose wife relies on a Canine Angels Service Dog, led the charge for donations and everyone joined in. Denice Capitani, another neighbor who raced to help, is one of our Canine Angels Therapy Dog handlers. Our little CA family is growing in Myrtle Beach.

Helping Chris and Zoey become a certified service team is going to be a family project. His wife, Suzie, and 5-year-old twins are already on board learning to care for Zoey. All our veterans and Chris’ neighbors are rooting for him. We are thrilled to have to everyone’s support. We’ll keep you posted on this amazing family’s progress.

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