Meet the newest, largest Canine Angel

Blackjack is one lucky dog!

Black Jack 79You can’t send Rick or Jeanne, our Therapy Dog coordinator, to the shelter without close supervision. When Jeanne spots a capable canine, she always asks: “Can we keep him?” Guess what Rick’s answer usually is. 
Meet Blackjack, the biggest Angel to join our pack — so far! Part Dane and part Lab, he’s a loving beauty who will be strong enough to assist someone with balance and stability issues.
No problem!
Recovering from neuter surgery (and a wounded tail tip), he understood Sit, Stay and Heel after one session with Rick. Now Jeanne is working on his indoor manners, 
which include not knocking over lamps, eating crates, bedding and groceries. Great things come in big packages, too.
Don’t tell Junior.  
 We’d like to thank our friends at Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Animal 
Protective Services in Leland, N.C. for taking such great care of the animals. Jeanne Maxon and Rick both volunteer their time at the shelter to help dogs behave well enough to get adopted, even when they aren’t cut out to become Canine Angels. The volunteers and staff there do an outstanding job.  
Stay tuned. We suspect Blackjack has superstar written all over his shiny black coat.

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