There’s no such thing as too much pet ID

Advice for every pet owner from Canine Angels Abby at Jeanne's
A reminder from Rick Kaplan, Head Trainer

The pack was enjoying its regular walk at La Belle Amie Vineyard this morning, when out of nowhere came a ferocious 100 lb. lab mix at full speed, barking, growling, and angry. Fearless King came to the rescue and charged at him, delivering a message that left him surprised, injured, and running away squealing. None of the pack members were injured. In the 5-second melee, however, our standard poodle girl, Abby, was frightened and ran for cover.

10151176_783391728339228_7141824806635467639_nTrouble was she did not know where cover ended, and the result was that she went missing. Many of you must know the sick feeling of a lost pet, and how hours seem like years during the search, not to mention the horrific thoughts that run rampant in one’s mind. Add a severe thunderstorm, lightning, and intense downpours to the mix, and you have a scared silly and soaking wet pup out there somewhere. 6 hours later, 10 humans helping with the rescue, 100 miles driven looking everywhere, and prayers going out in all directions, still NOTHING. 

Finally, at 5:30 p.m. a gift of a telephone call that Abby was picked up by Horry County Animal Control, and is safe and sound. What relief, and tears of joy. She is spending the night at Horry County facility, but she is unharmed, dry, and fed. We will get her back in the morning.

The Lesson: No amount of identification is excessive. Microchips, tags with multiple and alternative telephone numbers and email addresses, collars with printed names and numbers -GIVE YOUR PET AS MUCH OF A CHANCE TO BE RECOVERED AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! No pet is immune to unusual circumstances that can make him go missing. Abby is a highly trained therapy dog, and if it can happen to her it can happen to your pet. Take precautions NOW! Thanks from everyone here at CASD.


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