Canine Angels Service Dogs

for Disabled Veterans & First Responders





We rescue dogs from shelters

and train them as Service Dogs

for Disabled Veterans


Every day, thousands of healthy dogs are put to death through no fault of their own. Maybe they were deemed aggressive, dangerous, stupid or just plain bad. Whatever the label, it means everyone gave up on them when most of these dogs only lacked one thing: the right training.

We find diamonds in the rough right here in our local shelters and rehabilitate them. They learn basic obedience and master dozens of tasks to assist their wounded warriors.

Many men and women who defend our freedom return home haunted by the demons of war. Our veterans have survived horrors most of us can’t imagine. Suffering from physical and emotional wounds, these heroes need and deserve our help.

Our mission is to give our disabled American veterans back the independence they lost while defending ours. Many of our veterans grapple with PTSD, shutting themselves off from their families and society. With nowhere to turn, some pondered suicide before finding a lifeline at Canine Angels Service Dogs.


Saving Dogs & Serving Veterans


Through the magic of service dogs, Canine Angels helps veterans rejoin their families and return to a life full of purpose and hope.

Veterans tell us their Canine Angels helped them reduce or eliminate medications, escape from night terrors, abandon suicidal thoughts and feel hopeful again. That keeps us going.

Since our debut in 2011, our 501[c]3 has rescued and placed hundreds of dogs in loving homes. Even is a dog isn’t cut out for service work, our training helps them find their forever families. We have helped shelters train their rescues to stop jumping, pulling and barking so adoptive families will welcome them to a safe, loving home. Decreasing shelter population and saving dogs from a cruel fate is a core part of our mission that we take as seriously as training service dogs for disabled veterans.

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