Canine Angel Abbi helps veteran enjoy fireworks on the Fourth

At Canine Angels, we help our veterans and their families do the impossible. July Fourth is a difficult holiday for

Alex + Service Dog Abbi, a Canine Angel.

Alex and his son, Noel, enjoy their first fireworks as a family since Alex’s military service. His service dog, Abbi, a Canine Angel, eases his stress and keeps panic at bay.

many combat veterans who return home unable to enjoy the independence celebration they helped to provide. Loud noises, crowds and explosions may cause horrible memories to resurface. Canine Angels. such as our girl Abbi, provide support for those with PTSD. With Abbi’s help, Chelsea and 3-year-old Noel were able to celebrate the holiday with Alex as a family.  

Here’s Chelsea’s note about that miracle:

“Part of Alex’s recovery plan for years was to be able to go see fireworks with Noel. Since Alex got out [of the Marine Corps] in 2006, he has never been able to enjoy fireworks. For years, we dreaded Fourth of July and our only plans were to stay inside and watch a movie with surround sound, or play music loud so Alex wouldn’t hear any fireworks.

Well this is our first year with Abbi, and not only did we go out to a cookout with family and friends, we set off our own fireworks and Alex was able to not just watch the fireworks, but was able to enjoy them, too! Abbi stayed right by his side the entire time and there were some really big ones! So thank you so much. We didn’t think we would ever do that, or even go enjoy a crowded cookout!

Everybody loved Abbi, when people were in the pool she kind of lifeguarded everybody and watched and circled the pool! My dad jokes about getting her a little earpiece phone so she could be a secret service dog because she’s so on point.

Anyways, thank you so much again for all your help! Abbi truly is the best therapy! We are eternally thankful.”


We are grateful, too. Thank you for your service Alex, and for your families commitment and love.

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