CASD Puppy Program

Start Early to Prevent a Pup-tastrophe  

Train your puppy with Canine Angels Service Dogs

Unlike most group puppy classes, our programs were developed to lay a strong foundation of socialization, obedience and focus for future assistance dogs. Canine Angels service dogs will become lifelines for disabled veterans, first responders and children with autism. But every great dog starts out the same way. Whether we’re talking about a dog headed for service or therapy work, or simply a wonderful family pet, every pup needs to master the basics and enjoy training.

We now offer a special lesson package for puppies 10-weeks and older. It’s not like our live-in boot camp. You and your dog will work together during a series of 10 private lessons that each last at least an hour.

Your dog will learn obedience and commands such as sit, stay, come, down and leave it. Together, you and your dog will practice heeling on a loose leash, so walking together will be a pleasure, not a battle. Through voice commands and hand signals, your pup will learn what you expect. We’ll also show you how to care for your pet’s ears, teeth, nails and coat, to keep him groomed and healthy.

Each lesson is one-on-one. You will have the undivided attention (and 50-plus years of dog training expertise) from CASD master trainer, Rick Kaplan, to answer your questions, solve problems and help you become a confident handler and pack leader. You’ll have plenty of time to practice with your pup between lessons as you create a bond of love, enjoyment, reliability and trust.

No matter what breed you’ve chosen or adopted, every dog is an individual with its own personality and learning style – just like their humans. That’s why we don’t offer group instruction. Each private lesson is centered around your developing puppy and its human family. Training lasts from four-to-six months and costs $1,000.

Whether you have a cute, fuzzy pup today (that will weigh more than you do by the time he’s grown), or a “harmless” little lap dog, they all need training. Dogs love structure and need to know that you’re in control. So start early, before the pup decides to interrogate guests at your door, chew up the sofa, dig up your prize plants or run out in the street where cars may not see him before it’s too late. Just like children, dogs don’t learn what they aren’t taught.

Many times, people wait for a catastrophe to start training. One student came to us in tears after her beloved Labrador retriever dragged her down the steps in pursuit of a squirrel. The petite woman suffered a broken collar bone and an enraged husband who wanted to get rid of the dog she adored.

We got to work and fixed the problem, possibly saving a marriage in the process. But it’s a lot easier to work with puppies, before they have the strength and will to fly you down the street like a kite.

Does your dog need training? Write about your pup.  We look forward to welcoming you both to a world of trained, trustworthy and happy dogs.