Grand Strand’s Freedom Readers meet Canine Angels

Among the ways Canine Angels contributes to the community is through our therapy dogs, which bring joy and comfort to medical facilities and schools. Therapy Dog Coordinator Jeanne Maxon and Lady, Canine Angels’ first certified therapy dog, introduced us to Freedom Readers in Myrtle Beach on March 2.  We hope this will be a great opportunity for two Grand Strand nonprofits to collaborate to better our community.

 Freedom Readers, founded by Tracy Bailey, is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve reading skills in low wealth communities. Jeanne and Lady presented the Angels’ story and offered ideas on how our pups might partner with Freedom Readers on their journey to erase illiteracy.

The audience of about 100 loved Lady, especially with her little limp from her morning beach run. She hobbled up to the front of the room like a trouper when it was her turn to speak, but spent most of the presentation lying politely on her purple Pilates mat.

Once the specifics are ironed out, the partnership could lead to some rewarding work for all aspects of Canine Angels, as well as new opportunities to spread the word about the endless gifts our dogs are eager to offer.


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