Hot in the Canine Angels News: Ryder finds his Veteran!

We are so very pleased to announce that a special match has been made by Canine Angels today. We have placed our super athlete boy Ryder, our shepherd/lab/husky (or schlabsky) combo with a 22-year young veteran of the US Marines.

Storm is a special young man to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. Unthinkable face-to-face combat with the Taliban in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan left Storm with serious physical damage, as well as serious PTSD. We are honored to welcome him into our family of service dogs and Veterans to whom we all owe so much. We wish him and Ryder Godspeed in their journey together, and I know I speak for all of us in sending them our prayers and hopes for success together on this new and exciting path. Angie, Storm’s 20-year-old wife, has matured far beyond her years, and is Storm’s strength and support. In the very first day, Angie reports:

“I can already see a deep bond growing between them. When Storm did a few dishes, right at his feet was laying Ryder”.

We expect another human/canine miracle here. Please share their amazing journey on Facebook, where we can’t wait to post updates.

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