Sweet Blessings Doggie Treat Shoppe Blesses Canine Angels

Leroy_0840If your pups haven’t tried Sweet Blessings Doggie Treats, they’re missing out. When Cheryl Wilson of Sweet Blessings says something is delicious, our dogs will do cartwheels for it!

Every month, the treat shoppe selects a charity to share their profits. During March, Canine Angels Service Dogs is the lucky recipient. Dougan’s Honey Doodles is the treat of month. Made with cinnamon and honey, you may wish they were for humans. Order a pound for your favorite pup.

Sweet Blessings uses natural and organic ingredients and ships anywhere in the U.S. Take a look at www.sweetblessingdoggietreatsshoppe.com or write Cheryl at clwilson@Me.com. Miss Cheryl is on her way to becoming the official baker of the Angels pack.


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