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Meet the newest, largest Canine Angel

Blackjack is one lucky dog! You can’t send Rick or Jeanne, our Therapy Dog coordinator, to the shelter without close supervision. When Jeanne spots a capable canine, she always asks: “Can we keep him?” Guess what Rick’s answer usually is.    Meet Blackjack, the biggest Angel to join our pack -- so far! Part Dane…
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Sweet Blessings Doggie Treat Shoppe Blesses Canine Angels

If your pups haven't tried Sweet Blessings Doggie Treats, they're missing out. When Cheryl Wilson of Sweet Blessings says something is delicious, our dogs will do cartwheels for it! Every month, the treat shoppe selects a charity to share their profits. During March, Canine Angels Service Dogs is the lucky recipient. Dougan's Honey Doodles is…
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Grand Strand’s Freedom Readers meet Canine Angels

Among the ways Canine Angels contributes to the community is through our therapy dogs, which bring joy and comfort to medical facilities and schools. Therapy Dog Coordinator Jeanne Maxon and Lady, Canine Angels’ first certified therapy dog, introduced us to Freedom Readers in Myrtle Beach on March 2.  We hope this will be a great opportunity…
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