Train Private Pets

Let’s face facts: You’re living with a wolf.

All dogs, whether they are enormous Great Danes or fragile Yorkies, were programmed to survive by Mother Nature.  And she wasn’t worried about your living room.

It’s a testament to the unique flexibility of the canine brain that your dog can adapt to life as a pet. But living peacefully with your dog requires training. Dogs respect powerful owners that can lead and protect their pack. Letting your dog get away with whatever he wants  just confirms his suspicion that he’s in charge of your house, your friends, your car, your yard and your family.

Dogs have a right to any behavior that hasn’t been effectively corrected. A dog that barks and acts like a maniac when the doorbell rings simply hasn’t been taught such behavior is unacceptable. The same goes for digging up your yard, surfing counters for food, incessant  barking, nipping, growling, resource guarding, unwanted chewing and a host of other behaviors.

Any time we don’t fix unwanted behavior, that behavior escalates. Always. Untrained dogs can become dangerous to their owners, to children, neighbors and their handlers. People often come to us after they’ve been dragged down the stairs or their dog “playfully nips” someone. That’s when they realize that Fido is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The good news is, we can help. And sooner is better than later. We often take private dogs into our pack for round-the-clock training. Canines speak a different language than we do. Fortunately, we speak their language fluently and will help you learn it.

Private training always starts with an evaluation of your dog, usually in your home or at our facility. To arrange an evaluation, write Please describe your dog’s breed, age, size and weight and explain the behavior problem(s) that need attention. Tell us about other pets, family members and the dog’s home surroundings. Leave us your contact information and our master trainer, Rick Kaplan, will get back to you quickly.